Medicare fraud: Why You Need A Team That Can Represent You In Court



Anybody in the legal industry will tell you for a fact how important it is to have a strong defense. Most people in the medical field are almost certain that they will never require the assistance of an attorney. However, there are many instances that you may require the services of a lawyer. One difficult area in medicine that is complicated to conform to at all times is Medicare. Medicare is a government program that is intended to help individuals in paying their medical costs slowly as they get older. There are several of reasons why you need a lawyer by your side including;


To Assist You During A Medicare Fraud Audit

The federal authority has recently estimated that health care fraud costs taxpayers in the United States billions of dollars every year. This has led to many laws being enacted to punish and also prohibit the violation of such laws. Although Medicare fraud can be committed by either health care providers or patients, most of the cases that are heard in courts are from abuse of the system by medical providers who make false claims for them to get a higher compensation than what they are entitled to for the services they have provided to learn more about the False Claims Act


The most common prosecution cases for Medicare fraud include:


  • The performance of unnecessary procedures and tests.
  • Billing for each procedure individually instead of the whole procedure.
  • Billing for more procedures than those that were performed.
  • Accepting bribes.
  • Billing for equipment not provided or services that have not been rendered.


Over a long time, it can be difficult to find all these errors all at once. However, in a case of Medicare fraud, all your files can be audited to check for any mistakes. In case any of these issues are found, the next step is a long investigation into your practice and at such a situation you will need sound legal guidance to avoid facing jail time or paying heavy fines. Eventually, it can be very frustrating if you failed your Medicare audit.


Protect You From Getting convicted At All Costs

In case you have been arrested for Medicare or Medicaid fraud it is important to get an aggressive defense. This is because you will be asked some difficult questions by government investigators and a good attorney will help by protecting you from incriminating, unfair, and confusing questions. You attorney can also request for the charges to be dismissed or negotiate with the government prosecutor to settle outside the court.

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Types of Compensatory Damages


After injuries from an accident, it’s quite difficult to put a monetary figure on the cost of the damages to your body and mind. However, compensatory damages in personal injury cases try to do that in an attempt to make a person “whole.” Sometimes punitive damages are added on top of them in order to “punish” the defendant such as an individual or company. However, it can give a lot of information in terms of compensatory damages here are some of the common types:

1. Lost salary/wages

It’s important to keep in mind this not only includes income that you’ve lost in the past but also funds that you have earned in the future if the accident hadn’t happened. This is an important issue because sometimes the costs can be quite high and perhaps even higher than the actual medical bills that you’ve paid following the accident. You should know that compensation for lost salary/wages is related to the victim’s loss of “earning capacity.” when it comes to economics this is distinguished as opportunity cost. It’s tough when you’ve lost salary or wages due to injuries that resulted due to another person or company. However, it’s even worse when you’ve lost the chance to earn money through other sources of income due to the injuries you experienced.

2. Emotional distress

This is typically connected to very serious accidents. The goal is to compensate a plaintiff for the psychological effect of an injury. That includes anxiety, fear, and sleep loss. This is sometimes part of the “pain and suffering” category of damages awarded to a plaintiff.

3. Medical treatment

This not only is one type of personal injury damage, but it’s almost always included in awards. This is related to any medical care costs related to the accident. That can include reimbursement for treatments that have already been received, and being compensated for estimated medical care costs that you’ll need in the future due to the accident. Both of the issues are important. Sometimes the latter cost isn’t factored in in personal injury cases, which could result in high out-of-pocket expenses in the future. Thus, it’s important that both issues are as accurate as possible in order to avoid potential problems.

4. Pain or suffering

To put a monetary figure on the pain and suffering you experience due to an accident can be difficult. On the other hand, it seems difficult or odd to put a dollar figure on the pain and suffering you have experienced being injured. However, there are legal guidelines you can follow to determine t this figure.

5. Loss of property

This is related to various objects such as clothing and vehicles damaged resulting from the accident. You can likely receive reimbursement for the various repairs required. You can also receive money for the market value of the particular property that was lost. This is an important issue as some of the items that were injured could have a high monetary value.

6. Loss of enjoyment

This is the case that an accident prevents you from recreational activities such as hobbies and exercise.

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Financial Insolvency



In every opportunity in business glides, an amazing success and often times if being successful is not managed well it can lead to a downfall pit of bankruptcy. Of course, you do not want this to happen. You will do everything you can just so not to be on the level of losing what you have hard worked for in the very beginning. The failure of paying your debts grounds for legal settlements of your assets. This can be bound in two proceedings. First, is the distribution of equities and assets through a fair settlement of claims. Second, the debtor is given a chance to start anew this means that he or she is given an opportunity but assets that are owned or taken and or surrendered to any equity.

Bankruptcy is a state of losing all your properties whether it is a home, a car, business due to the insufficiency of not fully paying debts. There are many causes why a business or a person who owns many assets fails to pay debts and leads to bankruptcy. A study shows that more or less forty percent of personal bankruptcy is caused by or is a result of medical expenses. As we all know, being sick is really not a good investment and nowadays medications are increasing in prices. Another factor that can lead to is having debts in the bank. Most cases credit card bills and other forms of debts such as mortgages and spending expensive payments can contribute to a failure of paying all that is due. Financial instability happens when an individual does not have any savings and that is why financial advisors recommend that people should start learning how to invest and at the same time save their money. Unexpected disasters include floods, earthquakes and much more, if a homeowner does not have a home insurance this can be a leading cause of a possible loss of property. If you have purchased a car and you have not fully paid the company they have the right to take it back and it will be filed against your loss. Considering unemployment and yet you are tied in so many debts are advised to most likely file bankruptcy.

There are many causes of bankruptcy and this is a very stressful event in any course you are in your life. Having to find means and ways to solve such problem it is best that you seek consultation to any financial advisors and attorneys.

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